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Identity Accelerator #14: Emoji-Encrypted Messages

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Grapes emojiThe intent of this activity is for students to get to know each other by deciphering emoji-encrypted messages. I recommend doing this activity as part of the first discussion of the semester. After introducing themselves and providing some brief biographical information, ask the students to share an interesting fact about themselves through emojis. The other students will have to do some work to decipher the message. It will force the students to think more carefully about their classmates’ backgrounds.

Preparation and execution of this activity is very simple. Decryption of messages can be challenging!


 Sleuth Emoji


Woman's Hat Emoji

Instructor responsibilities



A couple weeks after posting this ideas, I noticed a new tool: “Code Emoji”. This tool requires less thought because the encryption is done mathematically and automatically.



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Note: for an introduction to identity accelerators for online teaching and learning visit this entry.

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