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Fall has been wonderful here.

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I am going to start blogging again. I’ve been a bit absorbed in transcripts and conference presentation-writing. But, the fantastic autumn we’re having deserves some mention . . . .

Me on the trails in the Edmonton area

Vancouver: Kissing Couple

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Favourite picture

Were they taking part in the riots? Were they innocent bystanders? I don’t care about the speculation. The kissing couple is the most fabulous picture of the last 5 years:

At least something good came of the riots–otherwise a national embarrassment.

Second favourite picture

My second favourite picture of the last 5 years is the curious squirrel. (I thought it was a gopher).

Enjoying Edinburgh

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Edinburgh Castle

More photos of my April trip to the UK: Here

Me at Edinburgh Castle

A Secret By Lauryn

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A secret is heard from the 11th floor.

It hurries down the stairs to spread the word.

The Snooper grabs a pen and paper to write down the secret, then suddenly, so delicately crumples and throws the paper away.

Paper ball“What am I thinking” the Snooper says quietly.

This is a secret, it should not be told.

The secret rushes back up the stairs and now remains unknown.


This was written by my friend’s daughter. Wonderful.

Hanging around Vancouver

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Me standing by a blue car

In Vancouver, summer of 2010