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Procrastination Pedicure

Having written up much of my data, it is now time to return to the other chapters I’ve already written. I need to examine them and complete the bits that I had decided to leave until I had had a solid look at my data. Today was to be a major writing day. But, that was not to be. Sigh.

I started the day rising at a reasonable hour after an horrendous, overnight thunderstorm that left many people in the neighboring city flooded out and shoveling hail off their lawns. Sleeping through the thunder and lightning was nearly impossible. Nonetheless, I completed my daily ablutions and set out to a favourite coffee house to peruse another students’ completed doctoral thesis. I was starting to visualize how the rest of my chapters would come together—yet I felt this wave of overwhelmedness (I’m not sure that’s an actual word, but it describes how I felt) wash over me.

Addressing this feeling, I went for a pedicure. Whilst waiting for the pedicure, I noticed this new shop with jeans from Brazil and Columbia. They’re supposed to be very curvy and “bum-lifting.” I had to try them on just to see what the hub-bub was all about. Yup. Nice products. So, I purchased what is probably the most expensive pair of jeans I’ve ever purchased. (I don’t regret it because I’m usually pretty thrifty.)

So, then, I decided to go for lunch and read. But, I noticed the local paper. Needless to say, I read that instead of my chapters. Then, I came home and took a nap—after all, procrastination is tough business.

And, now, here I am. I just wrote one sentence in my methodology chapter, and I switched to blogging. Next, I will turn on some music and have a sip of beer to see if that will loosen up my inner muse. I’ve just got to write something.

Procrastination Pedicure