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Testing Pages Application and New Verbatim External Keyboard on iPhone

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My new mobile keyboard just arrived today. It’s a Verbatim Wireless Keyboard. There was no need for software installation. I could simply turn it on and go. Now, I am able to type using a relatively normal keyboard rather than use the hunt-and-peck method.

My previous phone, with Windows Mobile paired fairly easily with a different mobile keyboard, but permitted more keyboard commands that would allow greater control over the device. It is possible that in the first 5 minutes of using this keyboard, I have not yet discovered the magic keys that allow me to navigate through the app icons.

The “Pages” application and its sibling programs (a presentation tool and spreadsheet) are impressive–considering that these tools are usable on a phone. Now, let’s see if I can add some kind of object.

That was nice, I could add a meaningless graph (it could be meaningful if I had some data to add) with the click of a button (and have figured out how to navigate via the keyboard–I still cannot use the keyboard to navigate the app icons).

Now, to add something else. I’ll add an image. I’ll be able to select from the pictures that I’ve taken at Ikea today.

All the objects are easily sized and placed into various locations with a few finger movements. Very nice.

Now, I’ll see if I can upload this to my blog via WordPress. Now, this is a little more difficult. I’ll have to email the page to myself and upload it via the desktop method. I was unable to import the Pages document that I created directly to this blog. Nor was I able to copy and paste the images and their formatting. But, when I get on my computer tomorrow, I’ll post a PDF and Word document for comparison. It is handy that Pages allow export into these formats. Here ’tis:

Nonetheless, handy tools and fun in experimentation.

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