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Combining the old with the new

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Yes, I still like paper. I like books. I like writing notes by hand. And, I like drawing diagrams of ideas to see how they articulate. But, I need to keep backups and mobile copies. One solution that I have found is LiveScribe.

I’m sure there are (or will be) different brands and vendors, but this nifty gadget is very user-friendly. Without much more than a 10 minute tutorial, I could use this device. The recordings are phenomenal, but I recommend using the earphones (integrated audio and mic) when in convention halls. Otherwise, it will pick up the movements of the pen on the paper. You can download the audio and your hand-written notes. You can convert the output in to different formats. You can even add a tool that will OCR your handwriting. And, when you playback lectures, you will see your handwriting revealed in time with the audio.

I’m starting to use this device when I make notes from books or simply jotting down my thoughts and doodles.


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