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Marguerite Koole, PhD

Past CIDER Session – Mobile Learning: Solutions & Challenges

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Mobile Learning: Solutions & Challenges

Took place: October, 2011

In this session, Marguerite Koole (Athabasca University, Canada), Fatma Elsayed Meawad (German University, Cairo), and Inge de Waard (Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium) will describe two mobile learning projects:

1. A project piloting a Java-based system called “MobiGlam”. Through MobiGlam, students accessed Moodle course modules on their mobile devices. Evaluations from this 2008 project highlighted some interesting challenges in the Canadian context.

2. A mobile learning project of the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium and the Institute of Tropical Medicine Alexander von Humboldt, Lima, Peru. Twenty physicians, deployed in urban peripheral HIV/AIDS clinics in Peru, used Smartphones with portable solar chargers to access 3D simulations of interactive clinical cases, discussion forums, and quizzes.

Prior to the presentation, participants are invited to review the project videos. The link to the presentation will be posted just prior to the session start date.

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