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To celebrate or to hybernate, that is the question

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Writing the first draft of the proposal has felt like a very slow process. Each section, paragraph, and some sentences have felt like quicksand. But through raw perseverance, I waded through. Finally, today, I reached the timeline section. I found a nice little Excel template online that allowed me to quickly create a nice timeline to map out my thesis. And, poof! I’m so close to getting the draft done and submitted. I felt like celebrating. Unfortunately, the temperature has sunk into the -20s, with an expected low of approximately – 30 according to Environment Canada. So, here I am sitting in my office watching a television show about raccoons (The Nature of Things).  Just when I’m feeling spry, good old-man Winter has me captive.

Anyhoo, I thought I’d upload my timelines:

I’m kinda wondering if I should plan some holiday and break time. But, perhaps I should schedule it for a warmer time of year–or better–perhaps I should get a plane ticket for a warmer clime. Oh . . . Big Bang Theory is on. Gotta run.

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