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#phdchat – 1st time

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Today I participated in my first #phdchat in Twitter. To be honest, it felt a bit chaotic. But, I had the sense that there were more participants than normal. It’s a strange way to communicate. At 140 characters an utterance, one must consider how to best use those characters.

Nevertheless, the #phdchat group provides leads to some very good resources.

How to find this group:

Information about this group:

The phdchat daily:

And the phdchat wiki:

When: Wednesdays at 12:30 pm (MST/Edmonton time)

2 Responses to “#phdchat – 1st time”

  1. Interestingly, Marguerite, in your post you did not say what #phdchat is or what you learned in it today. I cannot help to deconstruct your post after knowing something about your research interests!


  2. em says:

    Gosh it has been a few days since the chat. I think I was a little too overwhelmed to take it all in. But, I super appreciated making some new contacts. And, watching the identities take shape was interesting.

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