December update

Opportunities and activities that have arisen

Over the past year we have been busy working on many different aspects of the project:
  • Making and Doing session at the 4S / Ecosite conferenceWe haves tarted the card-sorting exercise with three groups on three different continents and specifically working hard on the process of capturing, selecting and supplying images, and solidifying procedures;
  • done a lot of thinking about ethics, about how can we do our research ‘ethically’, to support communities in ways that do not risk harm of any kind (and realized we need to steer clear of children for legal and ethical reasons);
  • continued to develop the web site (;
  • variously done quite a few webinars, presentations, papers etc., raising awareness, making additional contacts;
  • done additional thinking about how we can support and fund everyone fairly for their efforts and expenses across some many different communities;
  • been drafting a ‘memorandum of understanding’ (MOU) for the network as a slightly more formal way to express our shared concerns and as a prelude to an eventual bid to get the network adequately and equitably funded. (We will share the MOU shortly for comment.)
  • hosted a workshop/poster session in Cholula, Mexico at the 4S / Ecosite conference.
Warm regards and all the best for the holiday season, Marguerite, John, Shri, & Matt  

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